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Semi Trailer Peanut Dryers
Model 3830
  •  Over 1,000 semi trailer peanut dryers in operation in the US
  •  #1 semi trailer dryer manufacturer in the US
  •  Increased production
  Lower operating costs
  •  Higher peanut quality
  •  Improved road safety
  •  Dryers for PUP trailers available
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Traditional Wagon Peanut Dryers
Model 2407
  •  Traditional wagon dryers
  •  Swing arm and skid mount styles
  •  Dryers for 28', 21' & 14' wagons
  Dual and single wagon dryers
  •  Customization available
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Onion & Alternative Crop Dryers
Model 4215
  •  Onion and alternative crop dryers
  •  Designed for the Onion Industry
  •  Horizontal or vertical mounting
  •  Customization available
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Cook Industrial Electric Co Inc
Facility Security Service

Cook Industrial Electric Co Inc specializes in industrial and commercial electrical installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. Divisions include: EASA Motor Shop, Industrial Parts, Metal Fabrication & Installation, Low Voltage Systems (including Camera, Access, Security, Fire and Remote Location). We stock Lincoln & Toshiba, power transmission equipment, gear boxes, starters and controls.
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A Division of Cook Industrial Electric Company Inc

Advanced Technology. Efficient Performance. Rugged Dependability. Simple Operation.
Still Setting the Standards. The #1 Semi Trailer Peanut Dryer Manufacturer in the US

Blueline dryers are simple in design and operation, energy-efficient and trouble-free. Realizing that no one design is perfect for every need, Blueline's engineers have pooled their more than eighty years of experience to create this versatile line of crop dryers. With six basic models and many variations, one is certain to meet your drying needs: increased production, lower energy consumption, higher product quality, minimum maintenance and reduced noise level.  In addition to peanut dryers, Blueline offers dryers for pecans, onions and other crops. Tailoring fan and burner characteristics to the optimum curing parameters for specific crops can put more profit into your operation. We are constantly receiving input from owners, operators, service technicians and engineers. This ongoing research helps Blueline lead the field in dryer technology.

Cook Industrial Electric Company has been serving the businesses of Southwest Georgia since 1963. While we’ve seen dramatic technological and economic changes alter the way we operate our business, we have remained faithful to our original philosophy: to fairly provide our customers with products and services that will maximize productivity and minimize downtime. In order to meet our customers’ needs and our own expectations, Cook Industrial Electric has evolved into a highly diversified company that is rarely found in a rural area such as southwest Georgia.

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